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Imagina, 2015.

(photos, drawings)


für diese Rauminstallation, bestehend aus einem kinetischen Objekten, und Lichtprojektionen, dienen Zeichnungen von Lina Theodorou. Es sind Produkte die unkontrilliert aus einem inneren Dialog mit ihrem Unterbewußtsein entstanden sind.
Eerie monsters

in collaboration with Lina Theodorou
Eerie Monster is a project that artistically deals with identity in a polyethnic district of Berlin.

As part of the Kunsfestivals 48H Neukölln, a context-specific room installation was realized in a project space.

As starting material for this spatial installation, consisting of a kinetic objects, and light projections, were drawings by Lina Theodorou.
The forms of the drawings depict gods and mythical monsters, refer to various archetypes without specifying their source and coming from the inner dialogue  with the subconscious in a process of designing collective memory.


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