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Blue Magic Storage, installation, 2010, (dexion, electronic devices, carton boxes, several objects, cables, flash animations)

“Ceaselessly, paralyzing and almost hypnotic, I accumulate electronic devices, stacking them one over the other, rapidly transforming them to a clutter of junk, dust and fragmented memories. Some flash files play in monitors and energize the natural storehouse area from an unsettling oblivion. Nothing functions perfectly, but i feel the need and set all those devices in a common way.
I store an old hardware with the same logic i keep photographs and notes, as a “medium” which gives me access to older records of my history.
The mystery of the stored items increases as the ability to access their memory files decreases.
For example, a VHS tape becomes “hermetic” from the moment the video player of the same technology breaks down and cannot be fixed.
Even f i wanted to damage the clustered structure of my store-room and send my files to an unseen of stored data (cloud storage service) i always hesitate and sabotage any action believing that some of those machines have retained a part of my psychic energy.
The more i use technology in my work, the more i feel my world becoming transparent.
By stubbornly keeping my store-room jam-packed i create a powerful psychological counterweight against the fear of becoming immaterial.

“Blue magic storage” is not only a reproduction of an existing private area in the environment of an exhibition.
It is the development of a structure from a familiar and known technological devices which tends to grow by absorbing more and more of the similar items existing in its area of installation.
In this context, it has a  cannibalic  tendency.


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