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α2525, Athens in S.F. / 25 min. HD, sound/color.

(Video, books and drawings)

The project α2525, Athens in S.F. is based on 13 short stories by 11 Greek sci-fi writers, who were specifically commissioned to write short stories imagining Athens’ future. The film that was subsequently created deals with the questions, images and ideas presented in their utopian or dystopian scenarios. The film is in the form of an omnibus documentary, making use of interviews, videos and drawings so as to evoke the writers’ visions and hypotheses regarding the city’s future in different future time periods.

The film touches upon several issues, namely climate change, possible epidemics, the application of augmented reality in public space, the fusion of cities through virtual reality, the uncontrollable dissemination of fake news, religious fanaticism, a future society based on collectivity, a new autocratic plan of global development, technologies that either beyond man’s control or trigger global geopolitical shifts etc.
The film is accompanied by the published stories on which it is based.
Artist: Lina Theodorou
Writers:Vasso Cristou,Michalis Manolios. Teti Theodorou, Ioanna Bourazopoulou,Hephaestion Christopoulos, Costas Charitos, Stamatis Stamatopoulos, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Dimitris Fyssas, Titika Bourba, Kelly Theodorakopoulou.
Drawings: Ioannis Savvidis
Collaborators: Dimitris Arvanitis, Katerina Oikonomakou, Giorgos Katsavos, Antonia Katsavou.


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