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Invisible Future Systems Part 3: Human Delivery,2003

(photos, posters,flash animations, print outs in PVC, digital archive)

Fleshpack is an invisible, "ghost" corporation, packing and trafficking humans. No - one knows where it is based , who its personnel are , or how it acts . Legal authorities, even when in the event of an accident they manage to impound the means of transportation or the "goods" themselves, they never succeed in reaching deeper than that, in establishing the company's true identity and make-up and in bringing it down. They resort to simply prosecuting singled-out individuals to appease public opinion . Most of the times those who have been held responsible, mysteriously disappear.

















It is important to note that all of the cases that come to light appear to be the result of random fortune-hunting; the culprits are presented as primitive criminals of the lowest moral stature who for a certain price attempted to transport their stowaway passengers to some remote coast.

This is a simplistic and superficial view of the problem and it is aimed at diverting attention toward single cases and at creating the impression that the situation is under control.

The real cargo is never allowed to fall to the hands of the authorities. In the case of something going wrong or in the case that specific interests demand that it be so, the cargo is simply destroyed, usually sank or set on fire.






















Apart from the issue of the perpetrators' misleading profile, there is yet another fact that needs to be clarified. Customers of such corporations or those interested in taking what they have to offer seem to be in such a state of desperation that they do not really have the slightest choice. In trying to escape the prospect of certain death under conditions of utter destitution they consciously opt for a way marked by high mortality rates. Ultimately, their attempt can be seen as a way of negotiating their desire for a kind of life that affords different prospects of death.
















And this is the motive that makes things easier for the real customers of Fleshpack; not the ones who wish to escape but those who expect them when they have.
Like every criminal network that respects itself, Fleshpack fully exploits human weakness.
In this case , the obedient " cargo " is an utterly demoralized group of hungry people; controllable and ready to accept the most desperate of solutions.

The network ' s size is enormous . A mere sample of the services it offers or the areas in which it specializes includes trafficking of cheap labour, prostitution, exports and imports of human organs, cleansing of areas with a population surplus, volunteers for experimental research, mercenaries for special ops in various wars, etc.

One may easily come to the conclusion that any attempt to uncover and eradicate such an organization is clearly utopian.
Contemporary conditions show that corporations of this kind will be the goldmines of the future.



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