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7ATHENS24, Video, 2009, 21 minutes, DV

(in collaboration with intothepill)

















[….it might seem funny to many people to say that if 6 were 9, the universe would be different but still when we speak about error we always refer to numbers. Language….words, is not subjected to errors, but numbers on the contrary are…….]

How did two flooded basements become the source of the pathogenic cycle in Metaxourgion area? Is knowledge connected to violence? What does the banner covering the deserted building of Social Security Organisation in Piraeus street really hide? What is the explanation on the increase of street vendors around Victoria square and Patision avenue? How many knew that the transmutation of the DRD4 gene would change the map of the center’s enterprise activity? Can the triangularization of Kanning’s square be the cause of social insubordination? Why is there a radiating sign in Koumoundourou square? What is causing the immigrants’ suicides in the haunted flume of Petrou Ralli street?

Could this be a well planned scheme which aims to change the destiny of a city?

The questions lead and rule.

uni1catUnisol investigates and reveals: The principles encroached, the mistakes concealed, the facts manipulated, bringing the centre of Athens to a state of imbalance and decadence, leading every attempt of salvation to failure.

7ATHENS24: These are the answers which will mark the end of all illusions













* The recent adverse economical and political developments have created an aggravating atmosphere and have pushed diverse groups of citizens to continuous acts of protesting and accusations, which often come to violent bursts of rage.

A lot of serious thinking and analysis have been brought forward in regard to the results of this social revolt, as to its contribution to the possible solution of the problems but also in regard to its identity and particular character.

The fact that contemporary Greek society is ruled by corruption which penetrates all social classes, in combination with the lack of a political plan of purification, brings people to a dead end. And this is a tragic discovery.

The prevalence of pessimism and cynicism in the whole of Greek society characterize this period of crisis. The incapability of finding solutions, and the lack of any possibility of restoring the prosperity and the means for development, generate despair and establish a sense of absurdity into everyday life.

















The problems piling up in the contemporary metropolis seem to be common. They brake free of the local-architectural environment of every place and therefore its history, creating a new “not yet experienced” location, erasing any memory and changing every day life.

Based on all the above and considering this period particularly crucial, “intothepill” group has founded a research team named UNISOL to study the psychology of mass social phenomena in Greece of the present times.

Through the experimental research workshop of UNISOL we gather elements, data and concepts so as to put them in various ways of communication, in order to lay questions

and react to the problematic structures of contemporary society. We make predictions for future developments, trying to awaken, sensitize but also provoke the audience we address to.diacat

In our recent work 7athens24 we refer to racism, economical crisis, criminality, degradation of urban areas, issues which create the dystopia of Athens today.

We try to give some possible answers for the exploding increase of these phenomena following unorthodox and audacious theories, appropriating the idiom of the “conspiracy theory” documentaries.

In this work we study the media image, the sources of information and its transmutation according to political and economical goals. Trying to experiment on known narrative

forms, we use irony and exaggeration through constructed (invented) scenarios which refer to real facts. Activating the well known mechanisms of manipulation used by the media, we manage to constantly transfer the point of interest, driving the spectator to a welter of well documented assumptions where the real becomes a vacant point.

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