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Addiction, 2005, video, 3 min.

Replacing food for fortune cookies for a while, I was able to feel the exact same sensation I feel while consuming other more typical addictive substances such as nicotine from cigarettes, alcohol and sugar, thus proving that addiction (a obsessive repetitive action bearing different consequences) regardless of the substance, is a necessary and important means in order to adapt and survive in this unnatural and man-made urban environment. 

The fortune cookie is totally a postmodern object, fake and produced. Paradoxically we all think it is part of an old Chinese culture and tradition. It is however a recent invention of Chinese immigrants to America, created completely for commercial reasons. 

The action I have documented in this specific video exists between the metaphor and the experiment where bulimia and the consumption of "plastic" food and constructed prophecies expresses a deeper existential anxiety while it is constantly being teased by the absurdity of the objective.


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